Área Almacenamiento eléctrico


Electrical Energy Storage Department.

The decarbonization and energy transition to a much more sustainable future must necessarily, and unavoidably, involve energy storage. At the CIIAE we are fully aware that storage can and must meet all the needs of society and to achieve this, we believe that one single technology is not enough.

The goals of this research area are:

  • To work on new materials for different storage technologies.
  • To scale the different implementation processes of Circular Economy concepts.
  • To develop the different electrochemical energy storage technological solutions on a pilot plant scale.

In particular, the department works in the following research fields:

  • Li batteries, both liquid electrolyte and solid state.
  • Na batteries, developing new batteries with improved properties.
  • Metal-air batteries, in particular Zn-air batteries.
  • Flow batteries, both Vanadium and new formulations.
  • Advanced supercapacitors.
  • Circular Economy: recycling of the different energy storage systems to recover elements and compounds of high and low added value; incorporation of eco-design concepts into the development of energy storage systems, and studies of the physical and chemical degradation of batteries.