Over the first few years, for the operationalization of the center, three research areas are being initiated, centered on electrical, electrochemical and thermal energy storage.

Within the line of energy storage in the electrical sector, we will focus on:

  • Advanced materials to improve the capabilities of today's batteries. New applications that provide functionality to network operators.
  • Study of the degradation of batteries, in order to improve their lifespan and cycles, for the development of reliable, profitable products, and the possibility of recycling them.
  • Nanotechnological materials and applications to increase energy density, insulation, resistance to high temperatures and reduction in costs of supercapacitors. Applications on the energy storage markets.
  • Large-scale components testing (MW).

Within the Power-to-X line, we will be focusing on:

  • Materials and processes for the production of green hydrogen.
  • Materials and processes for the storage and transportation of hydrogen.
  • Conversion to fuels and chemical products by combining CO2 with hydrogen.
  • Large-scale components testing (MW).

In the Thermal Energy Storage Department, we will concentrate on:

  • Design and modification of phase change materials, improvement of their thermophysical properties, including transfer of heat, encapsulation and stabilization.
  • Materials and integration of thermal energy storage (TES) systems and cold thermal energy storage (cold TES) in adsorption refrigeration systems.

We do not want to do this with the state administration alone, but as part of a public-private collaboration partnership with businesses and the university. For this reason:

  • We want companies to participate in the management bodies.
  • We want companies to participate in the Industrial Advisory Board.
  • We aspire to the creation of public-private laboratories.
  • Constitution of ad hoc consortia for the development of specific technologies.
  • Participation in open innovation programs for the creation and development of Technology-Based Companies.
  • And development of specific training programs: master’s in energy storage at the University of Extremadura and training courses for the technical specialization of professionals.