A pioneering infrastructure to make renewable energy a real alternative to fossil fuels.

The CIIAE is the response to the technological and scientific challenges in manageability of green energy

  • Energy storage based on different technologies (Li, Na, flow batteries, supercapacitors, metal-air, etc.) along with the development of the most innovative concepts in Circular Economy (recycling, reutilization, eco-design...).
  • Generation of hydrogen, catalysis for production of synthetic fuels, CO2 capture, industrial applications of hydrogen.
  • Thermal energy storage.
  • Atomic simulation.
  • Technical-economic, life cycle analysis, circular economy, analysis and regulation of energy systems.

Over 25% of the country’s photovoltaic capacity is amassed in the energy region of Extremadura

This is in addition to a long history of hydroelectric power production, and also the new wind power generation facilities, an energy mix with an investment plan which allows us to forecast that by 2030, 100% of the region’s energy will be produced from renewable sources.

The CIIAE's installation in Cáceres will mean the center’s technical and scientific resources and capacities can be combined with its validation on a real scale in its closest surroundings, with a clear vocation for collaboration between the public and private sector for development and innovation in technologies for energy storage, manageability and network behavior.


The Iberian Energy Storage Research Center (CIIAE) came into being in order to resolve scientific and technological challenges that make a decisive contribution to the manageability of green energy production, providing flexibility and guaranteeing the supply of energy stored in accordance with demand, from a broad-reaching perspective, including production and uses of energy, transportation and industrial sectors; secondly, the center will pursue sustainability and energy independence, covering the present and future needs of our society. And thirdly, it aims to contribute to the decarbonization of industrial systems and of the planet, moving forward in order to achieve a climate-neutral Europe by 2050.

The Mission of the CIIAE

The CIIAE aims to be a world-leading research center throughout the entire energy storage cycle, from the physical chemistry of the materials to their scaling and application, combining the basic research supported by the public sector, the technological development driven by public-private collaboration and business innovation.

Attracting new business fabric

The CIIAE will be based on the creation of a Technology Hub and an Industrial Hub specializing in the value chain of the so-called Energy Transition to ensure that the technological development and research activities can materialize in the field of creating and attracting new business fabric.

Strategic goals

The Mission of the CIIAE is to experiment on the entire energy storage cycle, from the physical chemistry of the materials to their scaling and application, based on a series of actions and strategic goals:

  • Deployment of energy storage technology based on lithium-ion and industrial applications of hydrogen, as well as production, storage and transportation in the hydrogen industry on a large scale.
  • Excellence research.
  • Attracting talent to the region.
  • Business attraction hub.
  • Promoting public-private collaboration.