H2 and Power-to-X Department.


H2 and Power-to-X Department.


Research on hydrogen is fundamental for achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. CIIAE works towards energy supply and usage, including hydrogen, CO2 capture and synthetic fuels, that are respectful of the environment, economically competitive and socially acceptable.


We research sustainable hydrogen energy technologies and materials with a low carbon footprint, including electrolytic generation and biomass-based, CO2 capture, conversion into synthetic fuels and energy vectors, chemical energy storage and its impact on the climate and economy. CIIAE’s ambition is to carry out basic research activities (TRL 1-4) and scale up to final applications, e.g., with pilot plants (TRLs 5-8).

Some of our lines of research, using both experimental and modeling investigation, are:

  • Solid oxide electrolysis.
  • Membrane alkaline electrolysis.
  • CO2 capture directly from the air.
  • Catalysis for the production of synthetic fuels.
  • Techno-economic and environmental assessment of technologies.
  • Analysis of energy systems, policies and regulation.
  • Hydrogen and Power-to-X pilot plant.