Who we are



The Iberian Energy Storage Research Center (CIIAE) came into being through the signing of an agreement by the General State Administration, CIEMAT (the Center for Energy, Environmental and Technological Research), and the Government of Extremadura, aimed at increasing and accelerating investment in R+D+I sustainably over the long term and stimulating the technological and scientific response to green energy production management, in particular with regard to the production, storage, transportation and industrial applications of hydrogen; thermal energy storage for industrial use, and the most relevant electrochemical energy storage technologies such as Li, metal-air, flow batteries, etc.

Circular economy

All of these activities will be developed with the inclusion of the most advanced Circular Economy processes and concepts, both for new technology and for improvements to current solutions.

These actions will be carried out under the management of FUNDECYT-PCTEX, the Scientific and Technological Park of Extremadura, until such a time as the corresponding international instruments between the Kingdom of Spain and the Republic of Portugal are signed which will allow for the creation and approval of the statutes of the The Iberian Energy Storage Research Center (CIIAE), which will ultimately manage and operate the elements that make up the CIIAE.